2003 Quincy Election News

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Mayor:  William Phelan
Councilors At Large:  Joseph Finn, John Keenan, Francis McCauley
School Committee:  Elaine Dwyer, Linda Stice, David McCarthy
Councilor Ward One:  Leo Kelly
Councilor Ward Two:  Daniel Raymondi  
Councilor Ward Three:  Kevin Coughlin  
Councilor Ward Four:  James Davis III  
Councilor Ward Five:  Douglas Gutro  
Councilor Ward Six:  Alicia Gardner


Article from Patriot Ledger




(Source: Quincy City Hall


September 17, 2003 - Primary Election

Precincts Counted: 30 of 30
Registered Voters Total: 52,229
Ballots Cast: 12,747
Voter Turnout: 24.4%

*William J. Phelan.....8,504 (67.93%)
*Joseph J. Newton.....3,384 (27.03%)
Harvey Kertzman.....569 (4.55%)
Write-in.....61 (.49%)

City Councillor Ward 1
*Leo J. Kelly.....868 (28.51%)
*Joseph Keegan.....702 (23.05%)
James L. Bottary Jr.....605 (19.87%)
Joanne M. Bythrow.....551 (18.10%)
Sean McArdle..........316 (10.38%)
Write-in.....3 (.10%)

City Councillor Ward 6
*Alicia A. Gardner.....868 (31.86%)
*Brian F. McNamee.....856 (31.42%)
William H. Keener.......431 (15.82%)
Mark W. Bracken.....283 (10.39%)
Maryann P. Mahoney.....277 (10.17%)
Write-in.....9 (.33%)

School Committee
*Linda K. Stice.....6,582 (22.13%)
*Ronald P. Iacobucci.....4,506 (15.15%)
*Brian H. Buckley.....4,448 (14.96%)
*Theresa M. Lord-Piatelli.....3,885 (13.06%)
*Elaine F. Dwyer.....3,530 (11.87%)
*David F. McCarthy.....3,291 (11.07%)
Stephen P. Golden.....2,526 (8.49%)
John L. Rodophele.....932 (3.13%)
*moving on to the November 4th Ballot.


Posted: July 30, 2003 (WJDA)
We now know all players for the coming fall elections
in Quincy.  Outgoing Ward 6 Quincy city councilor Joe Newton, and local businessman Harvey Kertzman are challenging Mayor William Phelan.  There are six candidates for Ward 1 to replace Greg Hanley; and five candidates in Ward 6.  Councilors Dan Raymondi and Doug Gutro will run unopposed while Jay Davis is the only candidate for the Ward 4 seat being vacated by Brian Connolly.  There are seven candidates for at-large councilor and eight candidates for school committee including two incumbents.  The primary will take place Tuesday, September 16th.
Posted: July 16, 2003 (WJDA)
This year's mayoral campaign in Quincy will not include City Council President Dan Raymondi. Yesterday Raymondi took out nomination papers to run for re-election in Ward 2. City Clerk Joe Shea tells us that there are five candidates for at-large council seats; three incumbents and two challengers. Seven people have taken out papers for the vacant Ward 1 seat, five for the vacant Ward 6 seat and two people for the vacant Ward 4 seat. July 29th is the deadline to file papers.
Posted: June 5, 2003 (WJDA)
The candidates continue to line up for this fall's election in Quincy.  Councilor at large John Keenan, who was elected by the council in February to replace Tim Cahill, will be a candidate this fall.  Jay Davis is running for the Ward Four seat being vacated by Brian Connolly.  Former North Quincy Athletic Director Brian Buckley has announced he is running for school committee.